12-Point Inspection

All the machines on our Web Site are in stock and available for inspection.

Inspect and repair light assembly.
Inspect and repair thread stand including replacing missing eyelets, thread holders and repairing damaged tension assemblies.  
Upper tension tree inspection, which includes replacing worn check springs, thread break posts and missing or cracked eyelets. Inspect head boards for correct dip switch settings and check for loose connections.  
Head repair and inspection, which includes removing all head covers and replacing worn drivers, fixing bases, take-up levers, connecting links and drive shafts. Replacing all O-rings, needles, hooks and trimmer blades. Replacing all worn needle bars, springs and throat plates. Inspect and replace worn needle bar felts and thread clamp assemblies. Inspect gears for proper mesh and lubrication. Replace missing gear covers. Inspect and lubricate shaft bushings. Inspect all solenoid assemblies.  
Disassemble pantograph and replace worn bushings and guide rails. Inspect metal guide rails and bearing packs for proper alignment. Inspect and replace missing or worn felt on pantograph. Replace worn upper bushings and guide rails.  
Inspect drop table assembly for proper working order, when applicable.  
    Clean driver box and check fuses. Inspect for proper power settings.  
    Update software to latest version. Check machine electronics including thread break detection, automend, start/stop switches, scaling and rotation. Make sure all solenoids are working properly, including the thread clamp and trimming solenoids.  
    Sew machine, using a 26,000-stitch design, which utilizes all the various stitches, stitch directions and all color changes. For machine to pass inspection it should sew this design with no more than 1 thread break per head.  
    Clean machine thoroughly and lubricate all factory prescribed points.  
    Final review. Review all above points and make sure that the machine has all the necessary parts in working order.  
    Pack all machine accessories, bubble wrap automat, cover machine with plastic sheeting and shrink- wrap entire machine.  

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