Why Lease?

Most articles that are written concerning the benefits of leasing have preservation of cash at the top of the list, and with good reason. Not only is the technology in today's market ever changing, but as your business grows, so do your equipment needs. To deplete cash reserves for equipment that depreciates in value or software that may become "obsolete" in a few years is risky.

Leasing allows you to profit from the use of the equipment, not the ownership of the equipment. With the flexibility to up-grade equipment, Beacon Funding Corporation can provide the means to continue the growth of your business with minimal impact on your cash flow.

Preservation of Cash and Bank Lines. Cash flow remains intact and lines of credit are available for other purposes.
Low Cost. Take advantage of inflation by paying for today's equipment with tomorrow's dollars.  
100% Financing. Finance the entire purchase price of equipment, if you qualify.  
Conservation of Capital. Realize the profit derived from the equipment itself and still have capital available for other requirements.  
Establish Additional Sources of Capital. As an West Embroidery Equipment customer, it will be easier to acquire additional equipment in the future.  

Tax Benefit. Leasing allows you to pay for the equipment with before tax dollars.

    React to Change. Acquisitions needed but not planned for in this year's budget can be accomplished through leasing.  
    Ability to Upgrade. By working closely with you, we can help you with your equipment needs as your business grows.  

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