Screen Printing Equipment: Details

Make: A.W.T.

Model: Q Flash QFHF 20x24 quartz flash


Year: 2012

Price: $1,495

Status: N/A

Source: Equip Used

Equipment Features:
• A.W.T. Q Flash - 20x24 Quartz Auto Flash in "Like New" Condition
• Designed for in-line flash curing on AWT machines but can be adapted to other machines (call with questions), this flash is a great value!
• The Q-Flash uses Quartz tubes which reach curing temperatures in just seconds. The variable speed blower provides even distribution of hot air over the printing pallet while printing and increases curing speed.
• The Q-Flash switched to a low-power standby mode while the machine is not indexing. If the indexer stays in the print position longer than the dwell timer on the Q-Flash is set for, it automatically shifts to standby mode.

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