New Vs. Used

All the machines on our Web Site are in stock and available for inspection.

Price. Just like a new car, let someone else pay for the depreciation. Embroidery machines have a long useful life. You can save a tremendous amount of money buying used equipment. 
Reliability. Every piece of equipment is inspected and refurbished by our trained technicians to meet the manufacturer's specifications.  
Availability. All our equipment is in stock and ready to ship, which avoids delays in your production schedule.  
Return On Investment. Used equipment requires a lower capital investment, which allows for a faster payback and a better return on your investment.   
Warranty. Machines are sold with a 90-Day Warranty that covers parts and labor.  
Shipping. No need to be concerned over delays in shipping. Our staff can assist with the arrangements for the shipper and rigger to insure that your equipment arrives timely.  
    Training. Well trained production personnel is critical to your business and we can provide training to the level that your company requires.  
    Financing. Available through Beacon Funding Corporation which has been servicing the embroidery industry for over 20 years, can assist you in your purchase of new or used equipment.  

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